Additional equipment for car wash

Vacuum cleaners, dry cleaners, hand wash, holders of high-pressure pistols, holders of mats. Additional equipment increase profit, average check and retention rate.

Single-post street vacuum cleaner

(3 turbine vacuum cleaner, rotary console, 7.5m hose, coin collector, vacuum cleaner nozzles)

Two-post street vacuum cleaner

3 turbine vacuum cleaner-2 pcs, rotary console-2 pcs, 15m hose, coin receiver-2 pcs, vacuum cleaner nozzles

Two-post outdoor vacuum cleaner

With a post for consoles Stainless steel housing. Included: A handle lock for three shutter points, a safe for coins on the lock,a protective cover of the coin holder, a pocket for the slit nozzle of the hose, a set of fasteners. Pole for vacuum cleaner consoles 360*, Pipe 100x100x2, Height 2.5 m, Stainless steel

Self-service dry cleaning

  1. power - 1034 W
  2. air flow - 190 m3/h
  3. suction power - 230 mbar
  4. spray pressure - 6 bar
  5. stainless steel

Automatic mat cleaner

Adopt dry-type bubble spray cleaning technology, maximum efficient dust removal, low moisture content. Immediately use after clean.

  1. Feature: water wash +foam wash
  2. Machine size: 94*50*102cm
  3. Machine Weight: 85kg
  4. Carpet size: <= 60cm
  5. Clean time for each: 20 Second

Car mats quick dryer

Dry up the carpet rapidly, while kiling the bacteria and virus thoroughly by powerful oxidant ions generated by high pressure ionization. free of chemical detergents, safe and enviroment friendly.Sterlizing rate reaches as high as 99.99%

  1. Drying car mats by electric heating.
  2. Power:220V 50Hz
  3. Power Consumption:3000W+250W
  4. Size :800x600x1300
  5. Weight:60KG

Car mats spin dehydrator

Dry the car mats by physical centrifugation

  1. Voltage:220V(380V)50Hz
  2. Power:750W
  3. Load:13-20kg
  4. Weight::65kg

Soften water system

  1. Control mode Automatic
  2. Layout split type
  3. Water production : 1 ton/hour
  4. Filtration speed: 20-30m/hour
  5. Design pressure: ≤0.7Mpa
  6. Working temperature: 0.2-0.4Mpa
  7. Installation method flat on the ground
  8. Installation size : 1.1*0.6*1.7
  9. Equipment weight: 65kg

Tool box

Including all tools for installing a car wash machine

Tyre inflator (Nitrogen Generator)

Nitrogen maintains stable tire pressure for comfort, control, shock absorption, and safety on the road.

  1. Capability:2m3/h Charge time: 1Min
  2. 220V/50HZ/50W input air presure:5-9kg/cm2
  3. Output Nitrogen presure:4-8kg/cm2

Water recycling system

Advanced European water treatment tech with powerful filter material, Italian pressure sensor, and intelligent procedures. Recycles water 10-15 times, saving 90% water and reducing wastewater.

  1. Water recycling capacity:2m³/h
  2. Size:1200x550x1400
  3. Wight:220kg

Water reverse osmosis system

  1. Production capacity : 1000 L/Hr
  2. Power : 2.3kw
  3. Power supply : AC 380V 50Hz
  4. Reverse osmosis (RO)membrane : 4pcs USA DOW
  5. Raw water pump : 0.75KW
  6. Security filter : 20 "× 5μm,3core
  7. High pressure pump : 1.5KW
  8. Activated carbon : 50kg

Hand basin for car wash

Overall dimensions - 1070x300x450mm

Materials - stainless steel AISI 304

Activation method - foot pedal

Car wash pistol holder

Holder for a high-pressure pistol, floor quiver. It is used at car washes, in detaling centers, auto repair shops, etc. The base is U-shaped or flat

High pressure pistol

Information indicator
Display of the washing process.
Payment terminal
You can directly connect with the robot. Credit card + availability of banknote delivery. Through the personal account on the website, you can monitor the number of car washes, the balance of the car, the amount received today.
Voice notification
Play various voice prompts to give the customer instructions at each stage of washing as follows (language and content can be customized)
Remote control module
Upload and download the updating program,remotely solve the program fault.In addition, when the customer's operation error causes some program problems on the machine, the software engineer can help the customer repair through this network box
Floor grating
Keep the floor clean from wasted water and make the whole wash bay more beautiful
The bearing pressure is per square meter 5 tons.

Size: 40*40*4cm
Color: red, yellow, grey
Used to control vehicle access. A simple version of automatic door.
Working temperature: -25℃~75℃
Working humidity: ≤90%
Control output power: ≤500w
Remote control frequency: 430MHz
Infrared ray to shoot anti-smash
Wire-controlled start/stop interface
Power failure can be quickly clutch, manual landing lever
Input power: 220V 50Hz
Motor power: 90W 220VAC
Running speed: 6m / s
Maximum length of straight rod: 6m
Specification size: 350*300*1070 (mm)
Automatic gates (cold-resistant version)
The cold-proof version is equipped with the clump weigh and tension spring on both side of door columns.

The wind resistance level is 12, and at the same both sides of door also mount with seal. so the thermal insulation effect is more excellent than normal products, higher 6-8℃.
The complete of door material is aluminum alloy.
Automatic gates
Sense the vehicle and turn on automatically, and close automatically after the cars drive out, improve operation efficiency and create a better working environment.
Voltage: 220V
Power: 750W
Temperature: -30℃ to +50℃
Speed: 0.6-1.0m/s
Color: customize
Size: customize
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