BRV Premium - intelligent touchless robot car wash machine

Advantages of the product:

1. Separation of water and foam.

2. Separation of water and electricity.

3. Full automation

4. Adjusting the distance between the mechanical lever and the car.

5. Direct drive transmission of torque to the pump pump

6. The most efficient drying system

7. 36 months warranty

8. Applying all types of chemicals horizontally from a separate (360-degree line)

9. 30% more economical

Product information

Product Features:
  • 1
    Spray the car wash foam at 360 degrees.
  • 2
    Up to 12MPa high-pressure water easily remove the dirt.
  • 3
    Complete 360° rotating within 60 seconds.
  • 4
    Ultrasonic precise positioning.
  • 5
    Automatic computer control operation.
  • 6
    Unique embedded fast air drying system.
Comparative matrix BRV Economy-Premium
Introduction of Product Operation Steps:
Step 1: Chassis wash
We adopt advanced industrial water pump which can handle any high pressure dirt
Step 2: 360 shampoo spraying
Intelligent touch free robot car wash machine can automatically mix the car wash liquids according to the customer’s requirement, and spray the shampoo sequentially
Step 3: High-pressure washing
High-quality stainless steel nozzles with 25 sector spray can clean dirt.
Step 4: Coloured Foam
Rich foam is evenly sprayed in every place of the body, so that the car wash effect is better and the car paint maintenance.
Step 5: Wax rain
Wax can form a high-molecular polymer layer on the surface of the car paint to protect it from dirt.
Step 6: Air dry
Built-in full plastic fan works with 4*5.5 kW + set of additional side fans 2*5.5 kW. The enlarged vortex shell design has increased the air pressure and thus improved the drying effect.
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